Stand Your Ground in Ohio

This is our last defense as Americans. It’s still unfathomable that ‘stand your ground’ rules have to be challenged at all. THIS IS AMERICA!!! So, when Ohio becomes yet another state that recognizes our 2nd Amendment rights, we will be lambasted by millennial back talk and rhetoric. Stand your ground makes perfect sense. When a […]

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Dayton IS Flatlining.

Dayton Daily News reported: Dayton area population flat over three year period. Really. Well, not really with all of the imported ‘refugees’ or ‘immigrants’ Mayor Nan lobbied for: “As of July 1, 2013, the four-county Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area had gained an estimated 590 people since July 1, 2010, the data show. The flat population […]

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Dumbing Down Ohio

It’s official, Ohio will be stupid. But we will have a higher high school graduate rate! Peggy…Peggy…Peggy. What in the world are you thinking??? In a world where everyone gets a trophy, now this: So Peg…we have to wonder how many people will sue for their ‘diploma’ and perhaps lost earnings for being a drop […]

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Watch for RINOs.

Is there anything worse than a RINO? See, this is the staunch difference between Republican politicians and Conservatives. Politicians tend to go with the trend, not stand for what they promised or even worse, conveniently forget their ‘core values’. Peggy Lehner is one such ‘Republican’, or RINO. She has called herself prolife but there isn’t […]

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