Liberty Shunned at Local Dayton Health Event

It is amazing that local liberal Daytonians are this worried about their healthcare, I mean makeeveryoneelsepaymy healthcare. Yes, there are extreme circumstances, as one local woman said in the video below that she will start dying again – because of her obesity – if her Obamacare is taken away. Can’t make this stuff up. These ultra educated Daytonians can’t get out of their own way to see what Obamacare really is: socialized so-called ‘care’.

A local blogger said it perfectly:

Locally, even in a small city in Ohio, there will be proaborts rallying and raising funds for ‘healthcare’. Most notably is Dayton’s so-called ‘mayor’ Nan Whaley. This woman is an anathema, an embarrassment, and has the nerve to run for governor. Laughable. She showed up yesterday for an anti-ACHA fundraiser thinly veiled as a ‘save my healthcare’ rally. Hey, let me be the first to tell you that you are not losing your healthcare, but your ability to make taxpayers pay for it may lose it’s liberal footing, including free abortions. So, myth busted.

See the videos here:

Only about 50 people came to this debacle. The usual proaborts were there, including PUSH Dayton, the local fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. Nan Whaley gave her typical speech of lapping up at Obamacare. She actually said that she AND Governor John Kasich both want Obamacare. THAT will take the temperature of who RINO liberal John Kasich really is. But what both of these politicians forget, or gloss over, is that it’s people like the middle class who pay into it but cannot access or afford to pay ACA premiums for themselves. FREE FREE FREE, but to who? Not free to me. I assure you, someone is paying for Nan and John’s FREE Obamacare for people who want everything for nothing without apology.

Ohioans deserve LIFE and LIBERTY, not socialists like Nan and Kasich. There is no liberty to people who have to pay for others to do nothing. THAT is snowflake logic at it’s best, not social justice.

NanPUSHmayLiberty includes keeping your own money that you make at your own job or business. Paying out for people who have NO intention of contributing to the community is not fair to those who do what others WILL NOT. The ACHA is better than Obamacare, although we’d rather have neither but have the healthcare cartel disbanded and start from scratch to make healthcare about HEALTH.

Dayton’s ‘mayor’ Nan Whaley and Ohio’s RINO liberal governor John Kasich are BAD for Ohio, bad for MY health, bad for YOURS. Think free is FREE? Follow the money. Follow the proaborts. It all leads to middle class taxes SKYROCKETING for ‘free’. Photo below shows the irony of ‘choice’.



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