Not my problem, not my mess. Not her Dayton?

And then Nan said: “The heroin epidemic is no accident. It didn’t just happen. It started with the drug companies. The drug companies made this mess, and it’s time they stopped passing the buck to Ohio’s taxpayers and started paying to clean it up.”

Oh Nan.  Getting someone else to clean your mess? Or, not your problem? Oh wait…big pharm did this? Perhaps there is some truth to that, albeit it VERY little. Real leaders would DO something, not delegate it to someone else. 

When’s the last time Ol’ Nan took a drive down East Third, I wonder. Blight, homeless, alcoholism, ALL recreational drugs, prostitution, johns, pimps…and that’s just a bit of the reality of what Nan’s Dayton has become. 

No, big pharm had nothing going to do with this mess, but allowing get it to continue blaming others is exactly what we all expect from liberal Democrats. 

Nice try, but NO.


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