Dumbing Down Ohio

It’s official, Ohio will be stupid. But we will have a higher high school graduate rate!

Peggy…Peggy…Peggy. What in the world are you thinking??? In a world where everyone gets a trophy, now this:


So Peg…we have to wonder how many people will sue for their ‘diploma’ and perhaps lost earnings for being a drop out. Workers who have made minimum wage for the last 25 or more years should demand graduation amnesty! SHEESH.

But don’t just listen to me. Here are some other views on Lehner’s skewed views on education who, by the way, chairs the Senate Education Committee:

“Common Core was adopted in 2010 and Senator Lehner has led the fight to keep Ohio in long after most officials woke up to its absurdity.  She called efforts to repeal it a circus and blamed conservative talk radio hosts for ginning up opposition to the program.  According to her own estimates, Ohio has spent over $1 billion in taxpayer dollars to implement the plans….. The American Legislative Exchange Council, which publishes an annual Report Card on American Education, in their latest report published in 2015 ranked Ohio 29th best in the nation, down from 21st best in 2011.  They gave Ohio a C+, down from a B in 2011.” Read the rest from 3rd Rail here.

“I strongly really encourage Ohioans to find out the real facts behind the common core before jumping on the anti-core bandwagon,” she says. But what Peg forgets is that we know her involvement with Fordham, because this woman has NEVER had an original thought, EVER. Read all about that at 3rd Rail here and here. And get extra credit for reading her pathetic rebuttal here.

Thanks, Peg. But we’ve seen enough. When a parent can’t figure out 2nd grade math, there’s a problem. And the problem is RINO politicians thinking and parenting for Ohioans who only has to hold down a desk to get a diploma.

Ohio. Gettin’ stupider.


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