Watch for RINOs.

Is there anything worse than a RINO? See, this is the staunch difference between Republican politicians and Conservatives. Politicians tend to go with the trend, not stand for what they promised or even worse, conveniently forget their ‘core values’.

Peggy Lehner is one such ‘Republican’, or RINO. She has called herself prolife but there isn’t a shred of evidence that confirms this:

“The bill, sponsored by Sen. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering, would create the Medical Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST), giving instruction on whether a patient wants to be hospitalized, resuscitated or given comfort care.” ~ Columbus Dispatch

“In local Ohio politics, state Senator Peggy Lehner said that Planned Parenthood ‘does some good’ during the debate to redistribute the 1.3M PP gets to real health centers and clinics. The problem with Sen. Lehner is that she calls herself ‘prolife’ and a Republican AND a Christian. Also note that Sen. Lehner was endorsed by Ohio Right to Life. Read the rest about this here and here.” [KeepLifeLegal]

PeggyLehnerDefundPPGenerally, in prolife issues, RINO Senator Peggy Lehner has swayed from trying to shut down abortion facilities to giving Planned Parenthood a pass for ‘doing some good’; she does not back all prolife legislation. But even worse is that Ohio Right to Life endorsed her AGAIN, and oddly enough, ORTL does not support all prolife legislation, either. However, ORTL only gives its endorsements to people who will parrot what they deem prolife, which isn’t always prolife at all. Ohio Right to Life and Sen. Lehner NEVER backed the Heartbeat Bill even though it would have save at least 96% of targeted unborn children. PP is an abortion business, regardless if it helps old ladies cross the road or takes cookies to sick kids. See the video here.

What’s ironic is how local proaborts call her EXTREME in prolife issues…I assure you, proaborts have NOTHING to worry about. Peg is about as wishy washy as you can get. She has never stepped up one time, never took initiative for anything. She has proven that she can corral Republican Catholics and moderate Democrats to get her elected.

It’s time to drain this nasty Ohio swamp.

During the Primary



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