FISCAL MADNESS: Dayton’s Highest Paid CITY Employees

Now, you all know by now that we are not a fan of Nan. At all. But she gets paid WAY less than HALF of what these ‘city workers’ are paid, “The city of Dayton paid 90 employees more than $100,000 last year, compared to 68 the year before…” Read the report here. There is definitely a disturbance in the force:

The five highest paid Dayton employees last year were:

1. Shelley Dickstein, city manager: $184,649
2. Stanley Earley, deputy city manager/chief financial officer: $181,327
3. Tammi Clements, deputy city manager: $146,780
4. Terrence Slaybaugh, director of aviation: $142,371
5. Richard Biehl, police chief: $141,035

But when you’re allowed to give yourself pay raises while the city rots on less than poverty level, expecting miracles is literal dust in the wind. Read more about that here. Read about ex-Mayor Gary Leitzell’s take on this here, an interesting twist for sure.

Among the eight candidates, Whaley’s financial profile is the most modest. The Dayton house in the Five Oaks neighborhood that she owns with her husband is worth a little under $64,000, her public salary last year was a little over $45,000 and her investments are limited to her public pension. Read the rest from DDN here.

Well, at least we know she’s not in it for the $$$. Even sadder, she’ll take a dump in pay to push her liberal rhetoric and agenda for practically nothing.

Daytonians have to wonder if that kind of money is better spent on tearing down blight and cleaning the streets of drugs and prostitution?



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