Dayton IS Flatlining.

Dayton Daily News reported: Dayton area population flat over three year period. Really. Well, not really with all of the imported ‘refugees’ or ‘immigrants’ Mayor Nan lobbied for: “As of July 1, 2013, the four-county Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area had gained an estimated 590 people since July 1, 2010, the data show. The flat population figures reflect less than 0.1 percent growth.’ Read the rest of the DDN article here.

Dayton is dying and no one seems to notice. Must be the liberal diversity rhetoric making more noise than the truth. AND no one wants to be in heroin-ridden area anymore. No wonder Daytonians are leaving. The Metro area is  not growing, no matter how many cool shopping areas, brew pubs and bike lanes are created. In the article, the depicted areas are all Democrat ran. Isn’t that interesting.

Ohio doesn’t need another Council Member, Mayor, Representative, Senator, or Governor with a Democrat Liberal Progressive AGENDA.

The heart of Dayton has flatlined, without a beating heart this area will die a dismal death.



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