Whaley using mayoral fund for governor run? Ummmm….oops.

The Dayton Daily News & local NPR reported that “Democrat Nan Whaley is using a re-election campaign fund for Dayton mayor that’s not subject to state contribution limits to raise money for her 2018 bid for Ohio governor….A notice on Whaley’s campaign website informing potential donors that the mayoral fund is able to accept unlimited contributions was taken down Thursday after The Associated Press inquired about it….Whaley’s gubernatorial campaign says it plans to remedy the potentially confusing situation voluntarily, limiting donations from individuals and political action committees to the annual state limit of $12,000.”

Voluntarily? Pretty sure she was caught red-handed, as AP reported. That is so like Democrats, making it look like an oopsy when she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. And they think Republicans are criminals? Dems are the worst at taking YOUR money and making it magically disappear in programs you never new existed.

“Under the law, Whaley will be able to transfer up to $200K from the mayoral fund into the gubernatorial fund,” said Matt McClellan, a spokesman for the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.

NAN! STOP LYING! Be ashamed! Seems to us that the fine for abusing the mayoral fund for her never gonna happen gubernatorial campaign should be about $200K. Sounds about right.



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