Stand Your Ground in Ohio

This is our last defense as Americans. It’s still unfathomable that ‘stand your ground’ rules have to be challenged at all. THIS IS AMERICA!!! So, when Ohio becomes yet another state that recognizes our 2nd Amendment rights, we will be lambasted by millennial back talk and rhetoric.

Stand your ground makes perfect sense. When a person is threatened, the victim is the one who is NOT armed. Not giving potential victims the right to protect themselves is lunacy and despicable. This isn’t the wild west, this is freaking OHIO. People who have illegal guns now will always get them regardless of the laws. Because, if the law actually worked, there would be no need for guns. So, myth busted, snowflake.

Nearly 40 lawmakers are signed on as sponsors of a “stand your ground” bill that would remove the duty to retreat from a threat. House Bill 228 would re-work Ohio’s self-defense laws and reduce requirements faced by CCW holders, such as keeping their hands in plain sight during traffic stops.” Read the rest here, if you can stand the liberalese.

Now, we know this isn’t Nan’s Ohio, but the rest of us would like the opportunity to protect our lives and families.

Meanwhile, Ohioans for Concealed Carry spokesman Jim Irvine bristles at calling it “stand your ground” legislation. “Some people may call it that. It’s an inappropriate label,” he said….Ohioans have the right to fight a threat in their home or car but elsewhere they face a legal duty to retreat, if possible. Irvine said the vast majority of people won’t use deadly force. “It goes against our grain and against who we are.”

Stand Your Ground Law, Wikipedia

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